2017 Mantra Prayer of Protection

Father-Mother God,
I ask that I be cleared and cleansed
Within the Universal
White Christ* Light,
The Green Healing Light,
And the Purple Transmuting Flame.
Within God’s Will
And for my highest good,
I ask that any and all
Negative evil energies
Be completely sealed
In their own Light,
Encapsulated within
The Ultraviolet Light,
Cut off, and removed from me.
With neither love nor hate,
I return all negative evil energies
To their source of emanation,
Decreeing that they never again
Be allowed to reestablish themselves
Within me or anyone else
In any form.
I now ask that I be placed
Within a triple electromagnetic
Shield of the Universal
White Christ* Light of Protection.
And for this Blessing, I give thanks.
The word “Christ” is optional. Christ is an energy of Light — not a man. Many great teachers, such as Jesus, Moses, and Buddha, were Christed beings. 
This prayer was originally given to me by one of my advanced Students.  I located it in several places and various websites on the internet.  I am not sure where it originally came from, but this website is one that has taken credit for it’s origins so I would like to add their link to give them the credit: