Lutchmee - Godess of Prosperity: Humanitarian Visonary

Very keen to share knowledge & skills gathered over a lifetime on two separate continents; interested in human interaction especially in view of having grown up in & been educated within apartheid system in South Africa.
Politics and religion divide us as surely as they are meant to, yet we have so little awareness of what is really important in our transient appearance as a physical entity; life is beyond our understanding if we believe this life on earth is our entire existence.
Science has so far managed to hoodwink us into thinking human beings are of a superior intellect & therefore have priority over other species & we have destroyed large sections of the natural world in our attempts to create artificial wealth.
In attempting to live a sustainable way of life I find I am in the minority – most people are only interested in their jobs for the wealth they maybe able to create for themselves – if this is important, why are human beings so driven to be successful – what is success anyway? Accumulation of personal wealth or enjoying what little we have, sharing where we can?